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nicholas gamso 🌫️




my book

Art after Liberalism (Columbia UP & CBAC, 2022).

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this & that

"Homma Takashi in Tokyo," frieze

"Mohanad Yaqubi's R21 aka Restoring Solidarity," Screen Slate.

Forensic Architecture at the Whitney,” World Records.

“A Third of a Century” (with Wolfgang Tillmans), i-D. (PDF)


“Architectures of Darkness: Mark Bradford & Derek Jarman," Queering Architecture. (PDF)


“Pose, Position, Positionality” (on Craig Owens), Texte zur Kunst.

“The Profane Illumination of Adidas," X-TRA.

"Małgorzata Mirga-Tas in Venice," Anarchist Review of Books (PDF)

"Too many inadequate descriptive systems," Third Text.

"Kara Walker Answers the Urban Question," Social Text. (PDF)

"Pleasure, and the Politics of Writing About It," Afterimage. 


in the Millennium Film Journal


"Wayne Koestenbaum's Cinematic Sweetmeats," (with Guy Nechmad Stern), MFJ.

"Vital Signs," (on Mary Helena Clark), MFJ(PDF)

"Impossible Failures," (on Pope.L & Matta-Clark), MFJ. (PDF)

"Ulrike Ottinger's Exile Shanghai," MFJ. (PDF)

"Sabrina Zhao's Good Woman of Sichuan," MFJ. (PDF)

a personal project 🖤

"Absent Presence: Marjorie Gamso," Movement Research. Intro to a 1985 essay by the choreographer and filmmaker Marjorie Gamso. (PDF)

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