WORLD RECORDS, vol. 4.: 'In the Presence of others' (2020)

co-edited w/ Jason Fox 

From the Introduction


Hannah Arendt’s writings on modern politics frequently emphasized the attenuating effects of mass media on public life. But she didn’t think it had to be that way, for Arendt believed critical journalism to have real value. Her own Eichmann in Jerusalem stands as a significant documentary report in its own right, one which attests to the power of collective judgment. As she observed in Eichmann, mass mediation technologies were too often mistaken by modern governments as solutions to the difficulties, digressions, and disagreements that necessarily arise from political interaction. Media, Arendt thought, is way more than just messages. Media becomes a useful concept when it is recognized for its role in conducting and binding worldly relationships, thus modeling democratic processes ... This issue of World Records investigates how documentary film and video, performance art, curatorial frameworks, digital social media platforms, and photojournalism provide grounds for collective action.

Featuring contributions by Tania Bruguera, Greg Sholette, Bonnie Honig, Jonathan Kahana, Warren Sack, MTL Collective, Nitasha Dhillon, Rayya el Zein, Rachel Stevens, Kareem Estefan,  and a dossier on "Documentary World-making" by Joshua Gilford and Toby Lee 

Millennium Film Journal, nos. 74:  'Fact/Artifact' (2021) & 75 'Boundaries' (2022