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Nicholas Gamso




Art after Liberalism (Columbia UP & CBAC, 2022)How can artists create a sense of community outside the usual liberal formations—national identity, corporate "creative" urbanism, the bourgeois public sphere? Art after Liberalism addresses this question through readings of works by Manaf Halbouni, Tania Bruguera, Paul Chan, Wolfgang Tillmans, Laura Poitras, and Forensic Architecture, theorizing the role of aesthetics in driving decisive action and building new political worlds. The book concludes with a conversation with Amin Husain and Nitasha Dhillon of MTL+/Decolonize this Place. Read a review in Third Text. 

articles, essays, reviews

"Mohanad Yaqubi's R21 aka Restoring Solidarity," Screen Slate (2024). 

"Homma Takashi in Tokyo," frieze (2024). 


"Impossible Failures" (on Matta-Clark & Pope.L), Millennium Film Journal (2023). 

"Pleasure, and the Politics of Writing about It," Afterimage (2023). 

"In the Continuous Present..." by Marjorie Gamso, Movement Research (2023). (PDF)

"Vital Signs" (on Mary Helena Clark's 'Exhibition'), Millennium Film Journal (2023). (PDF)

“Architectures of Darkness,” Queering Architecture (Bloomsbury, 2023). (PDF)

“A Third of a Century,”  i-D (2022). 

“Ulrike Ottinger’s Exile Shanghai,” Millennium Film Journal (2022).

“Ruslan Fedotow's Where Are We Headed?,” Screen Slate (2022). 

“At the Heart of the Work,” (On Małgorzata Mirga-Tas) Anarchist Review of Books (2022). 

“Visualizing Extraction” (with Rocco Rorandelli), Places Journal (2022).

“Reorienting Toward Each Other” (w/ MTL Collective), CBAC Blog (2022).

“Death and Life in Kara Walker’s Public Art Interventions,” Arcade (2021). 

“Sabrina Zhao's Good Woman of Sichuan,” Millennium Film Journal (2021).

“Pose, Position, Positionality,” Texte zur Kunst (2020).

“The Profane Illumination of Adidas,” X-TRA (2020). 

Introduction, World Records, vol. 4 (with Jason Fox) (2020). 

“Revisiting Suzanne Lacy’s Oakland Projects,” Performance Art Journal (2020). 

“Picking up the Power: Greg Sholette and Tania Bruguera,” World Records (2020).

“Ren Hang in the Global City,” Ideas: Journal of the Asia Art Archive (2019). 

“Toward a Sensory Politics of Place,”  ASAP/Journal (2019). 

“Kara Walker Answers the Urban Question,” Social Text (2018). 

“Decolonizing Design,” Cartha (2018). 

“Banksy Does Basquiat,” The Avery Review (2017). 

“Infrastructure Aesthetics and the Crisis of Migrancy,” Afterimage (2017).

“Fascist Intrigue and the Homo-Spatial Imagination,” Log (2017). 

“Globalization in Too Many Inadequate Descriptive Systems,” Third Text (2017). 

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